The Sunshine Herald is filling the huge gap of fake news sources on the internet. Whether it’s hard hitting stories with fabricated facts or complete nonsense about the most trivial events or simply shit we just made up, The Sunshine Herald always strives to be like real news sources but honest.

Los Angeles is an amazing city. Unfortunately, little to almost nothing has been written about it, and its lack of magazine and news sources is dismal at best. This is where The Sunshine Herald comes in. We provide a full star treatment for L.A. finding the stories that no one else would ever dare because we make them up.

For anyone offended by any stories here, we kindly ask you to write in full about your grievance and then send it to us. We will do our best to send back a mocking and sarcastic reply in a timely manner.

Please enjoy the website. Laugh, lol, or just hahaha.