Bed Eyes Newest Trend

Looking like you’re not trying has gone even further

Bed Eyes LookFor over the last decade the bedhead look has become increasingly popular, and now bed eyes are all the rage among teens and twenty year-olds.

The look is simple with light brownish/red makeup around the eyes to make it appear that the wearer just woke up. It states a certain relaxedness and ease much the same as the controlled bedhead look does.

“It’s the perfect combination of serious and laid back. You’re approachable yet people would still fear you in a dark alley,” said fashion guru Cameron Silver. “It’s this modern chic that would work great with both a hot black dress or jeans and t-shirt.”

High school students are also using the look to make them appear high. Apparently, doing drugs has become a status symbol for young teens and this particular look has taken off because of that.

For the economic minded, the look can be achieved by sleeping four hours or less a night or by spraying pepper spray in your eyes at least thirty minutes before going out. Also, having super pale skin really helps accentuate the look and feel.

“It’s like you’re a sexy vampire without all the need for blood and fangs,” said Kristen Stewart.

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