Brian Williams Comes to the Sunshine Herald

Brian WilliamsOn Tuesday famed news host Brian Williams announced that he will be coming to the Sunshine Herald news family.

“We are honored that such an esteemed and trusted anchorman will be joining forces with our incredibly reputable news organization,” said Sunshine Herald Chief Editor Heeran Kim.

Polling in ‘trust’ puts the Sunshine Herald lower than some news networks although still much higher than Fox News. With the coming of Williams, the Herald’s ‘trust’ rating is expected to spike.

Williams earlier this year left the anchor of NBC Nightly News because “his bosses kept asking pertinent questions about his claims.”

“Today we live in a world where journalists are questioned about the validity of what they report and write,” said Williams with tears in his eyes. “However, I can remember a time when we simply swallowed whatever the newsman of the past told us. Oh, it was a glorious age for journalism.”

The Sunshine Herald will pay Brian Williams a ridiculous amount of money for his rather small contributions because celebrity journalists sell online advertising space on digital newspapers. Or so we think. No one really understands how that all works.

Williams is not expected to report to the Herald until July after he goes on a helicopter tour of Iraq.

“I’m excited to write the news the way I see it,” said Williams. “It’s more interesting that way.”

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