Dancing with the Stars – The All-Gay Edition

Dancing with the Stars to invigorate brand with special gay season

DWTS GayWith drooping television ratings and a highly scaled back schedule, Dancing with the Stars is starting an All-Gay edition to try and bring back the brand.

“The gay community has been one of our highest demographics with an estimated 90 percent market share,” said DWTS Executive Producer Conrad Green. “And we would like to show some appreciation for some of our most devoted fans by giving them a show tailored just for them.”

Bruno Tonioli has already been tapped to be the head judge, and they have hopes for some other A-list class celebrities. “Oh my darling, I would love to get Ellen Degeneres and Jane Lynch,” said Bruno while erotically gyrating his hips.

Several celebrities have been contacted to be performers including Cynthia Nixon, Neil Patrick Harris and that guy from The Big Bang Theory. The Jonas brothers have been contacted several times with no call back.

Still other straight celebrities have offered to do the show with a same-sex partner in order to boost gay awareness but the shows producers are adamant about it being an all-gay cast.

“Gays rarely have a time to shine and be open, loud and dance,” said Green.

Still, the show is not without its challenges. Who gets to lead as well as the reimagining of some traditional dances have to be accounted for although Green has every faith in his staff.

“If you thought you saw a lot of self-tanner, body paint, and glitter before, you just wait,” said Green.

The show is set to air this spring and if successful might lead to many spinoffs including an all ‘small person’ edition with Peter Dinklage who has already expressed interest.

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