Dodger’s Players Expenditures Offer Few Surprises

A new study released today by the independent agency Abbo Institute reveals the all time L.A. Dodgers’ players expenditures on what professional athletes call the big three – women, gambling and booze.

The expenditures were calculated through a combined effort of IRS documents, players self-reporting, a slew of escort services, casino tabs, and an in-depth study by the MLB.


Player’s reactions so far have been varied.

“I can’t believe Manny Ramirez beat me. I go to way more strip clubs than he does. I don’t think the study takes into account Japanese massage parlors.” -Hirokia Kuroda

“I’m fairly pleased with my placement. Not the highest but then again I haven’t made as much money as some of the other guys.” –Rafael Furcan

“My wife is not particularly thrilled with my results.” –Juan Pierre

“Honestly, I’m just glad to be on the pie chart instead of the side graph.” –Russell Martin

“I should have bet more money on that Superbowl.” –Jonathan Braxton

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