Is Pluto a Planet: Presidential Nominees Way In


Trump: Pluto is too loser of a planet. It’s small. It’s weak. Oh, does Pluto endorse me . . . ?




Rick Santorum: I think every state should be able decide whether or not it’s a planet. I don’t think any big government organization should be able to define it.


MTIxNDI3MjkzNDE1MTc5Nzg5Ben Carson: It is a planet. God created this planet in which Christians can move to if a democrat wins. It might also be good for grain storage.


Image: Rand PaulRand Paul: If it were Mercury, I’d understand. It’s close to home and has a gravitational pull on us.



102414251-rtr4o8ym.530x298Jeb Bush: I’m a skeptic. I’m not a scientist. I think the science has been politicized.



CCChris Christie: As a former prosecutor, I’ve met every person in NASA. They know me. So I am going to go with them and say NASA is not a planet. Fiorina: I do think it’s a planet and I’m tired of NASA. NASA is so big, so corrupt, so complex, so costly that small planets like this are being crushed by NASA’s hypocrisy.


ted_cruz6Ted Cruz: I simply don’t accept that premise. Some people might not classify you as a planet when in fact you are a planet. Pluto came from a planet so according to the constitution it is a planet.


Marco-RubioMarco Rubio: Empowering and supporting Pluto’s opposition today will give us our best chance of influencing it tomorrow.



Governor_John_KasichJohn Kasich: We better declare it’s a planet before Russia does. If we don’t we’ll end up having to punch Russia in the nose.

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