Israel Uses Reverse Psychology to Kill Iran Nuclear Deal

Nuclear DealAfter months and months of denouncing the Iran Nuclear Deal, Israel has finally struck gold by supporting the measure and in doing so making it unfeasible for any Iranian to support.

Israel has poured millions of dollars into various propaganda campaigns in Iran over the last three months criticizing the nuclear deal and trying to derail any deal that would strengthen Iran financially.

“What we learned was that that money was a waste,” said advertising creative director Don Hamm, “We tried to get the Iranians to agree with the Israelis, which in hindsight was pretty idiotic.”

After a heavy drinking session, Hamm said they realized to use that hate and general contrarian attitude against them. “That’s when we decided that Israel was going to support the nuclear deal.”

Things happened quickly after that. After just one week of propaganda advocating the measure and a powerful albeit completely fictitious speech from Prime Minister Netanyahu supporting the deal, public support in Iran dwindled to almost nothing and government officials were forced to reject it.

“We Iranians will not agree with Israel,” said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. “Even if it is a detriment to our own people and a peaceful world.”

Jon Kerry had no official comment although the sound of him punching a hole in the wall could be heard over the phone.

Don Hamm said that he has been contacted by many other governments, media conglomerates, celebrities, and businesses hoping to use his expertise in reverse psychology advertising. He is currently working with ISIS using a tactic where they tell the world they don’t want to kill all Americans.

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