Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, and Selena Gomez’s New Diet

The All Breast Milk Diet

If you saw the beach bodies of the likes of Aniston, Madonna, and Gomez this summer then you’ve seen the results of the new celebrity diet: the all breast milk diet.

“The idea behind the Paleolithic diet was eat like a caveman. Get back to the more fundamentals of foods and your health should improve. Well, this takes a step even further and healthier back,” said Not Just for Babies founder John White.

Breast MilkWhite, a former body builder, has drunk breast milk exclusively for over a decade and has now started his company Not Just for Babies catering to celebrities and the ultra rich for high demand breast milk.

“For years, body builders have known about breast milk and its ability to improve the body’s capacity for high functioning,” said White. “We know that it has huge amounts of the human growth hormone.”

The diet like many others is not inexpensive. A generic bottle of breast milk will run $25 a bottle with most practitioners drinking seven to eight bottles a day. And for those with lots of money to spare there are several other options.

Madonna prefers From the Source, a company that uses only Ethiopian women’s breast milk, while Selena Gomez uses only breast milk from Mexico believing her Mexican heritage responds better.

Still others, including Jennifer Aniston, have started charities asking homeless and low-income women to provide their breast milk for $30 an ounce.

While it is expensive, it’s hard to argue with results. The average weight lost after just one week of use is 12 pounds.

It looks like this one is here to stay.

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