Jimmy Kimmel Discontinues Halloween Candy Prank After Child’s Rampage

jimmy-kimmel-halloweenFor six years, Jimmy Kimmel has ran a Halloween prank where parents tell their children that they ate all their candy. The parents upload videos of their children’s reactions usually consisting of tantrums and tears. But this year was different when after hearing the news about his candy loss, one five year old took revenge in a spree of destruction and mayhem.

Upon hearing the news that his candy was all gone, Tanner Trevor went into his room, grabbed his secret stash of Pixy Stix and proceeded to consume 72 lines of the sweet and sour colored powdered candy.

With this super-human, sugar high, Trevor began a rampage usually associated with Floridians high on bath salts.

He first threw his mother’s wedding ring into the sink before turning on the garbage disposal. Sources close to the incident say he did not even turn on running water at the same time.

Next, he glitter bombed the inside of his father’s mid-life-crisis Porsche 911 Turbo. Feeling like that wasn’t sufficiently cruel he grabbed a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and poured it all over the floor and upholstery of the sports car.

After that Trevor defecated in an undisclosed location. He said he was keeping it secret until his demands where met but that no one should open the refrigerator for a while.

He was eventually cornered naked in his neighbors’ yard where he was reenacting scenes from Disney’s Frozen. Police brought him down by five Taser gun blasts to his back and immediately administered a healthy dose of kale and Brussels sprouts mitigating his sugar high.

Trevor has since made a full recovery upon hearing the news that his parents did not in fact eat all his candy.

He said specifically it was the loss of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that drove him to the brink. “It’s peanut butter and chocolate in the perfect combination. This is life or death people.”

A teary-eyed Kimmel expressed his regret on last night’s show saying it was never his intention.

“Often I ask parents to lie to and devastate their children sending them into a spiral of anger and sadness, but I never thought anything bad would happen from that.”

Trevor’s parents gave him back the entirety of his Halloween candy although he has contacted a lawyer in regards to his missing gummy bears.

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