Kaepernick Says He Was Tebowing the Whole Time

Not Kneeling for the National Anthem All A Big Misunderstanding

kaepernick-tebowColin Kaepernick came out on Monday explaining that he wasn’t protesting the national anthem for black rights but was in fact ‘Tebowing’.

Kaepernick blames the media for the hype and grossly misrepresenting him.

“I had been Tebowing for a few games in a row and no one even noticed. Then, some journalist takes my words out of context and then, boom. They try to make it seem like I’m doing this for black rights but that would be weird and un-American. Really I’m just talking to Jesus at a sporting event, which is pretty much the most American thing you can do.”

Equally as baffled by the media backlash against Kaepernick, Tim Tebow says he knew what Kaepernick was doing all along and doesn’t understand what the big fuss is about.

“I mean I used to do that shit everywhere,” said a baffled Tim Tebow. “I mean everywhere, the field, the sideline, the tunnel, the locker room; hell, I would even ‘Tebow’ it in the shower.”

Many other players from across the NFL, who had joined what they thought was Kaepernick’s cause for black rights, are now scrambling to explain their actions.

Brandon Marshall from the Denver Broncos explained, “That song is just too long. I don’t want to be standing for the whole thing. I have to save myself for the game.”

Tebow wishes all the players who were ‘Tebowing’ well especially Kaepernick.

“That guy is great and I’m sorry following my lead got him into trouble. But I’m sure it will all turn out well. I’m a really big fan of his. I hope my baseball career is as prosperous as his football career is,” said Tebow.

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