Kim Jong Un rides 100 foot wave at Manhattan Beach Pier

North Korean leader sets surfing record

Kim Jong Un SurfOn a surprise trip to the United States, North Korean leader Kim Jung Un tried surfing for the first time and successfully rode the first 100-foot wave at the Manhattan Beach pier, according to the Korean Central News Agency.

This unprecedented achievement comes despite many obstacles, the first being that waves in Manhattan Beach don’t get very big. The previous record for largest wave ever ridden at Manhattan Beach pier is 15 feet and the largest wave ever recorded there was only 22 feet. Luckily, the glorious leader had timed out the weather patterns perfectly for this single, freak wave.

The second obstacle was Kim Jung Un’s lack of any experience on a surfboard. However, many are quick to point out General Un’s superior physical state and athleticism.

“Just look at our leader and you see the perfect physique needed to surf any wave or partake in any sporting event,” said General Jung Soo.

The third obstacle was coming to the United States despite an unrelenting animosity between the two nations.

“It does not surprise me that he wanted to get out of his own nation,” remarked President Obama, who added, “Hopefully, a little time on the beach will chill him out a little.”

When asked about the experience, Kim Jung Un’s only response was, “It was wet.”

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