L.A. Votes for $15 Minimum Wage

Average glass of wine determines minimum wage

Minimum WageIn a 14-1 vote the L.A. County supervisors voted to raise the minimum wage in the county to $15 over the next few five years.

“Our goal was to price it out so that the average glass of wine at a restaurant is the same as an hour at minimum wage,” said senior L.A. County Supervisor Robert Herust. Right now the average glass of wine is $15 in L.A. County. “We want to ensure that everyone in L.A. can work hard and drink overly priced wine. No one is too rich or too poor to do that.”

The L.A. County trustees also said that many tapas that were previously unavailable to minimum wage workers will now be accessible.

“They do such amazing things with those Brussels sprouts these days. And have you had the Korean fusion Mexican braised pork Mongolian cheeks with Swiss shredded Panamanian beans. Delicious,” said Supervisor Herust.

The new minimum wage will also increase access to parking in L.A. although not anywhere near the beach, a pier, downtown, Malibu, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, North Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, or anywhere in the Southbay.

Rent, of course, is another roadblock this minimum wage hike will destroy. Most families of 5 or more currently live in two bedrooms with one and a half bath. With the increase most families of 5 will now have a two bedroom with two full baths.

“L.A. is such an easy and inexpensive place to live, I don’t understand why we don’t have more people moving here,” said Herust.

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