LeBron James to Play One Game for L.A. Galaxy

LeBron's first foray into other professional sports

LeBron Soccer

Following LeBron James comment last year that he wanted to play a game in the NFL, L.A. Galaxy coach, Bruce Arena, invited LeBron to play for the soccer team in hopes to boost sales after the three years of substantial decline caused by the retirement of David Beckham.

“With the ticket sales from just one game led by LeBron, I will be able to play all my other players for the next five years,” said Arena, adding, “It’s like Michael Jordan playing baseball except that LeBron is in a sport that he can easily dominate.”

When contacted LeBron seemed less than ecstatic at the opportunity but still strongly considers giving it a try.

“I was hoping for the NFL but it might be a good thing to start off with an easier sport, in which I’m definitely the best athlete out there,” said LeBron. “My goal is to be the king of another sport, and I like the idea of getting soccer out of the way early as a confidence boost.”

When asked why he wouldn’t consider joining the Columbus, Ohio MLS team The Crew, LeBron said that they weren’t championship contenders.

Still, some diehard soccer fans are against the LeBron Experiment as top MLS commentator JP Dellacamera said, “What happens when he realizes how easy soccer really is and just stays on the team for years? What will happen to our sport when a bunch of big black guys realize than run it and make it popular?”

LeBron, however, has made it clear that he has no desire to stay with soccer more than a one-season championship.

“I don’t have too much time to waste on soccer. I want to try to become a UFC Champion and at least play a few games as an NFL tight-end.”

LeBron is currently still in negotiations.


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