Michael Flynn to star in New Spiderman Movie

Former National Security Advisor only took position to research acting role

There has been widespread confusion and speculation regarding the exit of General Michael Flynn. First reports indicated he voluntarily resigned before Trump seemed to announce that the General was dismissed. However, we at the Sunshine Herald have exclusively discovered that Flynn in fact quit in order to play the supervillain Hobgoblin in the upcoming Spiderman movie.

Flynn HobgoblinJon Watt, director of the new Spiderman movie, explained it all a recent interview with the Sunshine Herald.

“He (Flynn) never had any intention of holding the position (US National Security Advisor),” said Watt. “But Flynn is a method actor. And he really wanted to feel what it would be like to be reviled by millions of people and generally thought of as an evil super villain. He only took the post for researching his role.”

Flynn will play Marvel’s antagonist the Hobgoblin for the 2018 movie Spiderman: The Russian Saga. Hobgoblin steals government secrets for his own profit and is renowned for his skills at manipulation.

“He was perfect for the role,” said Watt. “Think about: just like the Hobgoblin Flynn had access to advanced military grade technology and likes to bomb innocent people.”

Flynn has yet to publically confirm or deny the role but did recently post to his twitter account, “Like Deniro and shit.”

In the upcoming Spiderman movie, the Hobgoblin will be in a sinister plot to undermine the world by supporting Russian spies, although legal troubles have emerged as the studio believes the movie might be too close to the truth and is worried about having to pay royalties to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. 

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