Plus Sized Cat and Dog Clothes

New Company embraces overweight pets

In the on-going fight against body shaming, one company, “Treats for Everything,” is leading the charge in the pet industry by designing an entire clothing line around large pets.

Fat Cat

Although we cannot know for sure whether dogs and cats are subconscious about being overweight (because they don’t speak), several studies paid for by PETCO do indeed prove that it’s one of the top consuming thoughts they have (along with what does that butt smell like).

“The new clothing line will allow dogs and cats to truly accept who they are while looking stylish at the same time,” said “Treats for Everything” Founder Lawrence Kale. “My dog is big boned and likes bones and that’s all right with me.”

Johnny Depp has become one of the principal investors in “Treats for Everything” after his dog, Captain Jack, gained 30 stress pounds wondering whether it was going to be euthanized in Australia.

“Captain Jack went through a lot of emotional turmoil and he coped with that by eating everything he could,” said Depp. “One day he even ate my shoes. Who has ever heard of a dog doing that?”

The new company has also sparked a modeling niche with plus sized cat and dog models. Lassie applauded (wagged tail vigorously) this effort and in support released some unphotoshopped pictures of herself.Fat Lassie

Mr. Ramirez, the cat who inspired the cartoon Garfield, has had difficulty keeping weight off his entire life mostly because of his severe addiction to lasagna. His owner, Papa Giuseppe’s restaurant on Sunset, has showed support for “Treats for Everything” signing Mr. Ramirez up for an non-exclusive modeling contract.

“Finally, we don’t have to worry about walking our dogs or letting our cats outside,” said Kale. “Our animals can enjoy the same life of luxury and inactivity that we humans indulge in.”

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