Race Relations Between Blacks and Whites completely resolved following Nikki Minaj and Taylor Swift Reconciliation

Swift MinajAfter an intense twitter battle, in which Taylor Swift used the n-word repeatedly, reconciliation between pop stars Nikki Minaj and Taylor Swift has essentially served to end all race conflict in the United States.

The argument started earlier this week when Nikki tweeted about the apparent racism in the music video world towards black women. Specifically, she felt that the MTV Music Video Awards should have nominated her.

Historically, music videos have had a great appreciation of black women. In a recent Pew study, it revealed that the ratio of black women to white women in music videos is almost 17-1. Although the study does admit that most backup dancers are black women and that excluding just black women’s asses the ratio falls to 6-1.

Still, Taylor Swift took offense to Nikki taking offense and tweeted an n-word explicit tweet to that effect.


Nikki tweeted back to Taylor . . .


Taylor Swift quickly responded with …


Nikki quickly posted.


What’s remarkable is since that last exchange, race related crime has dropped to almost zero percent. The Klu Klux Klan and every known white supremacist group have disbanded. And cops have an arrest rate that accurately reflects the population of each race in the area.

“What’s great is that although Nikki is black and Taylor white, their appreciation of other each other’s view point has completely solved racial tension between every race in America,” said Harvard Psychologist Peter Gloucester. “There is now no more racial tension between Asian, Hispanics, Blacks, Native Americans, Ukrainians, Russians, Arabs, Jews, or any one.”

“The power of pop stars has always been evident,” said Gloucester. “Remember when John Lennon said he was bigger than Jesus. And everyone got mad . . . until they all realized that he was bigger than Jesus and they loved him even more.”

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