The Most Interesting Star Wars Merchandizing in the World

George Lucas famously made sure he owned all merchandizing profits from his Star Wars saga lending to him being a billionaire. But just how far does the merchandizing license reach. The answer is far and wide. Here are the top ten most interesting Star Wars themed merchandise in the world.

1) In Korea, they have the Star Wars condoms aptly named the Light Sabers. Come in Red, Blue, and Green.

Star Wars Condom

2) In France, they know dandruff can be a beast.

Star Wars Chewbacca

3) Luke Skywalker Prosthesis an actual prosthesis that looks exactly like Luke Skywalker’s hand. Retailers provide both right and left hands.

Star Wars Hand

4) Darth Vader voice changer. Intended for news outlets that disguise witnesses that wish not to be identified.

Star Wars Voice Changer

5) Lando Cal Risien mustaches. (Really just refurbished hipster mustaches with different packaging).

Lando Mustache

6) Star Wars kimono. Luke and Leia versions.


7) J.J. Abrams money gun.  Also, comes in Lucas and Disney models.

Star Wars Cash

8) Han Solo Cologne. Smells like the lingering of a jet blast.

Star Wars Cologne

9) Princess Leia anti-aging cream. Does not have good reviews on Amazon.

Star Wars Anti-Aging

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