Venice Beach Skate Park to be Torn Down for New Segway and Hoover Board Park

Segway+skatepark+bit+too+extreme+for+me+maybe+if+there_a947ca_5243817After many crashes between Segway and hover board operators with skateboarders and bicyclists at the Venice Beach Skate Park, the city of Los Angeles has decided to bulldoze the park to create a complex that lends itself to all sports.

The city will demolish the current skate park citing its many inclines as a hazard to both hover boards and Segways. After filling and smoothing the area, the new park will feature a series of paths marked by cones. The park will also feature a safety outreach program that will educate youths on the dangers of speed and cement.

So far the skate and BMX communities have been over ecstatic about the changes.

“I’ve felt bad that we haven’t been able to cater to Segway and hover board enthusiasts,” said Venice Beach legend Jay Adams. “These burgeoning new sports are just so cool it’s past time we made a park for them.”

“It’s this crazy sport that combines motors with what are essentially skateboards. How could you get any gnarlier than that,” said Tony Hawk.

However, a small minority of skaters and BMX riders has been disheartened by the news fearing the upcoming popularity of Segways and hover boards will ultimately lead to the end of skating and BMX.

“I honestly believe that skateboarding will become just another fad after these other riders get out there. My girlfriend keeps showing me Segway listings on Craigslist,” said famed skateboarder Rob Dyrdek.

Still, many skating and BMX retailers are already designing a slew of new clothing brands dedicated to Segways and hover boards. Vans, in particular, has already spent $100 million dollars toward development of new hover board shoes.

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