Vintage Naming Trend for Hipsters

‘Doloris’ the top name among new babies in Silver Lake

Doloris hipster name

‘Doloris’ is the hottest baby name trending this year despite no parent having used it since the early 1950s, according to the Onomastic Society of America (OSA).

The name has also become incredibly popular among hipster parents, who by definition love all things vintage, and there is no name more vintage than ‘Doloris’.

“All these Hollywood names are so ridiculous. Siri, Apple, Brooklyn, Coco. Let’s get back to the more classic and organic names like Gertrude, Melvin, and Ethel,” said local hemp storeowner Vlada Miada (not birth name).

Although the name ‘Doloris’ has become popular the spelling is rather scattered with some using the classic ‘Doloris’ while others are spelling it ‘Dolores’, ‘Doluris’, ‘Daloris’ and even ‘$is’.

A recent study by the Onomastic Society of America also shows a spike in the names Barbara, Nancy, Maude, and Mabel.

The study reveals that L.A. is the starting place for up to 80 percent of the name trends in the United States. Names will become popular in L.A. and then over the next three years become prevalent over the whole country.

“’By 2017 a little over 20 percent of girls aged 1-3 will be named ‘Doloris,’” said Jebudiah Vasquez-Lainberte, President of the OSA. “Names are cyclical and I can’t tell you how glad I am to be getting such a great one back.”

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